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Altura Homes Values Communication With Clients


Altura Homes has become a leader in its market by building in outlying areas.

After 40 years, Altura Homes has established itself as a quality homebuilder in Texas’ Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. “Our quality is as good as anybody in the [area],” Division President Donnie Evans declares. 

Members of the Webb family started the Rockwall, Texas-based company in 1979, and today, Justin Webb sits as its sole owner. Although he grew the company to construct 120 homes per year, “He wanted to get bigger,” Evans recalls.

Nearly five years ago, Webb approached Evans, a longtime veteran of the homebuilding industry, about growing the company. Today, “We’re doing anywhere from 330 to 400 houses per year,” Evans reports. “We have the ability to build multiple types of projects.”

Altura Homes also has built a leadership position in its market by constructing in outlying areas where it does not encounter much competition. “We buy land a little bit cheaper and we develop our own property, which gives us the opportunity to have some room,” Evans says. “I’m going to be close to 18 active subdivisions next year.”

Keeping Close

Altura Homes believes in working closely with its clients. “We encourage all of our people to have a relationship with each of the homebuyers,” Evans declares. “We value the communications side of it.”

As part of this focus, the company’s associates will meet with the future homeowner and salespeople on the project site. “We go over everything they think they want,” Evans says.

During the meeting, the builders  become the main contact for the client if they have any issues or questions. But the builders also set future expectations for the client, in case they may want to implement changes as the project is being built.

“We say, ‘These are the things we can do and we cannot do,’” he says, noting that this helps make the completion of the home more efficient. “Because it also costs them more money, we try to encourage them to ask these questions up front.”

Legacy in Homes

Evans, who has a long history in homebuilding, entered the business after serving in the U.S. military. Over the years, he held positions at multiple companies, including Pulte Homes and Beazer Homes.

He is proud to be part of Altura Homes, which owes its success to its people. “I’ve been in the business for a long time and I’ve had some really good teams,” he says. “[This is] one of the best teams I’ve been around.”

Evans also praises its processes. “We’re able to go out and get some lots where we can write our own destiny,” he says, noting that he predicts continued success ahead.

“I see nothing but roses in front of us,” he says. “This past year we’ve gone out and bought several more pieces of property.

“Our No. 1 goal is to be profitable,” he says. “I like to think the last four years here we’ve been one of the most profitable companies in this metroplex.”

The New Face

Evans and Webb both take part in the Dallas Builders Association, which represents the homebuilding industry in the Dallas metropolitan area. Previously, Evans served as its president three years ago, but now Webb is taking that role. 

“He will be the face of the association,” Evans says, noting that this will further cement Altura Homes’ sterling reputation. “You have to be a builder of good standing [to be a member].”