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Everett Custom Homes Pays Attention to Detail


Everett has a reputation for high-quality infill homes that respect the environment.

Everett Custom Homes has been building in Portland, Ore., for 10 years and has developed a reputation for high-quality infill homes that respect the environment. This summer when the company had an opportunity to showcase what it brings to the market at the NW Natural Street of Dreams tour in the Stafford Meadows neighborhood, Everett jumped at the chance, creating a distinct home that demonstrates the company’s dedication to quality and performance.

“We build high-quality homes with a lot of attention to detail, and in very nice neighborhoods,” Co-Owner and President Vic Remmers explains. “We strive to make our homes as environmentally friendly and as efficient as we can – most have been Earth Advantage certified and we take a lot of pride in that. We build homes for families to enjoy for a long time, and we want them to be confident and comfortable in their home. Our homeowners are ecstatic to move in, loving everything from the beautiful finishes to the energy saving features.”

Remmers partnered with his dad, Wally, to launch Everett Custom Homes in 2009. Wally had been building homes in the Portland area for about 40 years, and Vic was established in real estate. At the time, the Portland market was weak but as more people began moving to the region the excitement for housing increased, so the Remmers decided to go into business together. They built a handful of infill homes in the first year, learning the benefits and needs of the city’s diverse neighborhoods, and continued to grow each year as the market improved. From the start, Everett has been dedicated to incorporating high levels of quality and sustainability in each home.

Portland’s housing market flourished alongside its suburban-based tech industry, revealing an opportunity for the Remmers to serve the greater metro area. In 2016, the Remmers formed West Hills Homes NW, a new company focused on developing master-planned communities with diverse home design and superior new construction techniques. 

“Portland is a very progressive city – living sustainably and having sustainable features in a home is important to a lot of people,” Vic Remmers says. “We focus on providing better windows, more insulation, tankless water heaters – the list goes on. We want our homeowners to feel good about the health of their home, as well as the health of their families. Being able to offer a better quality of life to Portland’s suburbs is just as important.”

Delivering Dream Homes

Out of the six show homes in the NW Natural Street of Dreams during July-August, Everett was responsible for one, and West Hills Homes NW for two of them:

  • The Meadow, by West Hills Homes NW, is a 4,147-square-foot, two-story home with a modern farmhouse design. It features artisan details such as a cathedral ceiling, handcrafted barn doors, natural cedar beams, shiplap, custom wood furnishings and built-ins, as well as space for entertaining and a sustainable home network platform for the latest technology integration. 
  • La Maison, by West Hills Homes NW, is a French country-style home that was designed to accommodate various stages of life with old-world charm and the present-day comforts of technology, sustainability and luxury. The single-level home spans 2,784 square feet and features high ceilings, vintage fixtures and handcrafted finishes. 
  • Pacific Usonia, by Everett Custom Homes, is a Northwest contemporary home with distinctive prairie-style architecture. Covering 3,934 square feet, the minimalist-style home offers subtle geometric features, textured wallpaper and worldly artwork, as well as sustainable construction and integrated technology. 

“We’re able to build so many nice homes because we have a really fantastic team,” Remmers explains. “It is a seamless process for our clients because they can do it all with us. We provide a variety of floorplans and design packages to choose from. Personalization is an option, but sustainable features are standard in any house you get from us. We help them design the house, guide them through picking out colors and finishes, determine how the backyard will be laid out – all of this is because of our incredible team.”

He notes Everett’s team has great chemistry in part of the family environment. He and his dad are partners, his brother is one of the construction managers and some of his cousins work for the company, as well. Some of Everett’s employees also have their relatives on the staff. The team takes a lot of pride in the homes it delivers, and that pride shows through to the homebuyers and neighborhoods. 

“I love seeing happy families in our homes and the great feedback – hearing how much they enjoy our homes,” Remmers says. “It makes me proud of the team we created and the environment we have as a company. We get to see communities grow and people enjoying their homes – it’s great to deliver dream homes to people in the neighborhoods they want to be in.” 


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