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With the start of a new decade, builders are ready for the next set of amazing innovations that will empower them to better build their projects. Rosa Trieu of Redshift by AUTODESK recently reported on seven that are set to disrupt the industry this year.

One that might seem like pure science fiction is an exoskeleton suit that will enable workers to lift loads of up to 200 pounds. “By bearing less weight, workers can experience less muscle fatigue and reduce the chances of occupational injury,” she writes. “It’s no wonder Ford factory workers are already using them.”

Another set to revolutionize the industry is a tool used for monitoring and measuring carbon emissions. Skanska USA’s Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator has helped the company reduce embodied carbon emissions on projects by up to 30 percent. The open-source tool, she writes, determines the carbon emissions embodied in building materials.

“Using Skanska’s tool, contractors and designers can examine data for common building materials and create an overall embodied carbon footprint for a project,” Trieu describes. “The tool provides data transparency, helping to reduce a project’s carbon footprint before it even begins.”

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