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Garaventa Lift Removes Barriers for Customers Worldwide


Garaventa Lift has installed more than 100,000 lifts around the world.

You do not become a leader in accessibility and mobility solutions without walking the walk. And that is what Surrey, British Columbia-based Garaventa Lift has done by ensuring that people enjoy more comfortable, fulfilling lives with its products.

Since the company’s start, Garaventa Lift has pursued its mission of helping people achieve those improvements. “Our vision is to improve lives by ensuring accessibility for all,” President Vince Sciammana declares.

Garaventa Lift is no newcomer. Its roots go back to 1928, when Karl Garaventa built the first of several cable cars in the Swiss Alps. But today, the company focuses on improving the quality of life for the disabled. It has built a presence worldwide and a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of limited application, home elevator, and inclined and vertical platform lifts.

Over the years, Garaventa Lift has installed more than 100,000 lifts around the world, helping make life easier for their users. In addition, the company’s staff of 500 is guided by its founding pillars of providing innovation for the future, safe accessibility, and smart and sustainable solutions.

“Our network of dedicated professionals can help determine the best solution for any accessibility issue or if you are looking to bring your home style to the next level,” Vice President of Sales Paul Ryan affirms. “We work to deliver custom lift solutions for commercial and residential applications and bring our engineering expertise and high-quality standards to remove architectural barriers for millions of people worldwide.”

Satisfying Solutions

Garaventa Lift has instilled its mission of mobility into its three product ranges. These include its Public Accessibility range, which features platform lifts and compact elevators that  are not only cost-effective for building owners, but also are regulation-compliant.

The Public Accessibility products can be installed in different types of community buildings, schools and offices. These give more access to the people who work within or visit these environments, as well as make areas of limited use or occupancy more active. 

Garaventa Lift also provides solutions that can be integrated into new or older homes to ensure easier lifestyles for residents. Through its Comfort & Lifestyle range, it offers products that provide “reliable comfort and inspirational, flexible design,” it says.

These products not only make areas of homes more accessible to residents, but also have an impact on the home itself by increasing “its value and eco-efficiency for the years to come,” Garaventa Lift says. 

Finally, the company’s Home Accessibility product range can increase the autonomy of residents through the installation of its customized platform lifts. These accomplish that goal by helping their users move more easily and gain access to all of the floors in their home.

The lifts also are a good fit for those users who prefer to live independently. “They are reliable, quick, easy-to-operate and customizable to meet your unique requirements,” Garaventa Lift declares.

Product Pride

Garaventa Lift’s innovative products include its Home Elevator. The product’s installation can enhance the livability of the user’s home, “while significantly increasing your property value,” the company says.

Its wheelchair lifts – including its iconic Artira product – also can provide accessibility by easily and safely transporting its users up and down stairways. Designed for straight or curving stairways, “These lifts are suitable for multi-level buildings and feature a wide variety of design configurations,” Garaventa Lift notes.

Garaventa Lift also offers its Xpress II lift for customers who need accessibility in locations with straight stairways. By using a rail system mounted to the wall, the inclined platform product is perfect “for commercial applications and regular use, as it utilizes [a building’s main] power,” the firm says. 

The company also offers flexibility to users through its vertical platform lifts, including its Genesis Enclosure Model. The lift, which is designed to travel up to 171 inches, “can be customized to meet the needs of any project,” Garaventa Lift states.

Its Genesis Shaftway Model also can meet clients’ needs by fitting the lift components within shaftway walls built by others. “This model of lift can be equipped with Garaventa-style doors and gates or with fire doors,” the company adds. 


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