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The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in construction is stronger than ever, but it’s about to get even stronger, according to Farai Mazhandu, an IoT consultant for Frontline Contracting. In a recent article for IoT for All, he discussed the importance that the launch of 5G will have for the industry and what benefits it can offer builders.

One possible use, he wrote, was the application of 5G to real-time automation. “Given that construction sites are complex and constantly evolving environments, teams can rely on 5G to understand activities on worksites in real time and to perform remote or autonomous construction operations,” Mazhandu said.

5G also can have applications in the areas of monitoring, tracking and surveillance. Currently, he noted, self-driving vehicles are rising in use at sites, along with data that is collected from multiple sensors. “With the advent of 5G, this information will become indispensable as companies and cities overlay other technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, onto real-time data outputs and revolutionize how to work safely and efficiently,” he added.

According to Mazhandu, progress is being made in developing and testing the technology. and the standardization process is projected to be finished this year. “When it comes to IoT, 5G’s capabilities open up a seemingly infinite number of new use cases,” he states.

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