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‘Joint’ Ventures Offer Opportunity


The legalization of the recreational use of marijuana is on the rise. Although some might not immediately think this has a strong connection to the construction industry, these businesses will need new shops and growing facilities, providing contractors with a new market to pursue.

In fact, a substantial amount of Orion Construction’s latest work in west Michigan is comprised of these projects. According to WOOD TV8, the firm now is constructing five marijuana retail facilities in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, and two growing operations, including one in Grand Rapids.

Orion has found that the marijuana retail outlets require more security than an average store.“Each facility we’re building has a full vault, concrete-encased vault, that we’re putting inside,” Project Manager Jeff Smigielski told the station.

Roger Rehkopf, president and owner of Orion, added that his clients have strong expertise when it comes to what they need for their buildings. “It’s very sophisticated and the guys know what they’re doing,” he told WOOD TV8. “Right now, we are looking at five other facilities that will start in 2020, so we’re seeing that it will grow.”

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