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Hayes Construction Builds Homes — And Lasting Relationships


Hayes Construction has a reputation for custom homes that clients will enjoy for a lifetime.

It is said that home is where the heart is and no custom homebuilder understands that expression better than Hayes Construction. The family-owned company has built a reputation in Tucson, Ariz., and the surrounding areas over the past 35 years for building truly custom homes that clients will enjoy for a lifetime.

“Our compassion is what sets us apart more than anything else,” Co-owner Andrew Hayes says. “We like to say we do business with heart because it’s all about creating lasting relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and clients.”

Hayes’ father, Tom, has worked in the construction industry for nearly all of his life. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Tom Hayes worked his way up from laborer to framer, to superintendent to general contractor, learning all of the building processes along the way. Hayes’ on-the-job training has proven invaluable, providing him with firsthand knowledge on how to make the building experience a pleasurable one for his clients.

In addition to being the company ambassador today, Hayes’ wife, Sue, started focusing on her passion for green construction when their son, Andrew, came aboard full-time 10 years ago. Transferring her duties to Andrew allowed Sue the freedom to begin blogging about and promoting green building practices in the community. 

Although he officially became a full-time member of the company a decade ago, Andrew Hayes has been part of the company since he was a child. “There are pictures of me on a tractor at two years old and I started working summers at 12 years old,” Andrew Hayes remembers. “I really have a passion for homebuilding.”

Although Tom and Sue never counted on Andrew taking over the company, they were pleasantly surprised to hear of his interest to take over the family business when they retire. “That passion was reinforced with my dad. When we were driving around town, I would see his passion and love for what he did when he pointed out the homes he built all over town,” Andrew Hayes remembers. “To be able to know that you are making a change to the community and doing a good job at it is powerful.”

Green Building

Hayes Construction had a passion for green building long before using eco-friendly products and design was trending. With its unique expertise in green building, the company built one of the first LEED-certified residential products on the greens of Tucson National Golf Course and completed a Pima County certified Green home. “We have a focus on green construction and energy efficiency,” Andrew Hayes says. “Our clients seek us out because of our different methods of construction.”

Hayes Construction is familiar a variety of green building products and techniques, including Rastra Block, advanced framing techniques, structural insulated panels, insulated concrete forms, gray water piping, cisterns and installation, cost-effective insulating techniques, solar photovoltaic and installation, solar water heaters, high efficiency heat pumps, sola tubes, tankless water heaters, radiant floor heating, green or living roof and insulating paint. 

Hayes Construction, with the help of architect Chauncey Meyer, built a certified Green home in Pima County that emphasizes the old-world charm of the existing barn house with an ultra-modern addition. The home incorporated many unique ideas to create a comfortable and environmentally responsible space. 

For example, the design of the butterfly-style roof allows rainwater to be collected in six cisterns, each with a capacity more than 1,000 gallons. The exposed duct work also gave big returns because the air is being moved through conditioned air space, resulting in less heat gain/loss. The most unique green feature in the home is its Trombe wall. The dormer above was designed to let light and heat in during the winter months to heat a solid block wall that then radiates the heat all night long. 

Moving forward, Hayes Construction will continue to focus on building energy efficient homes, reducing the carbon footprint of homes and improving the quality of construction. “People don’t want to have to worry about their house,” Hayes says. “They want to live in a house that more or less maintains itself.”