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InfiniteAloe Provides Relief to Contractors’ Skin


InfiniteAloe’s products are made with 100 percent organic aloe vera.

Working in construction means working in all weather conditions, and a contractor’s skin can take a beating being out in the elements. Aloe vera to the rescue. People commonly use aloe products after a long day at the beach or when getting too much sun at a backyard barbecue, but aloe is good anytime one’s skin gets a little red because it is known for its soothing properties. InfiniteAloe understands the transformative qualities of aloe vera well, and the company’s products have been providing natural skin relief since 1998. 

InfiniteAloe believes “healthy skin should be simple.” The brand’s most popular cream, InfiniteAloe Complete Skin Care, is a lightweight formulation designed to promote softer, healthier and younger-looking skin. It is made with 100 percent organic aloe vera and a blend of more than 30 botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals working in harmony to enhance effectiveness. As a result, InfiniteAloe is great for all skin types. No wonder they call it “the world’s most complete skin care.”

Importantly, InfiniteAloe is non-comedogenic and does not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes. The company’s cream is clinically tested, hypoallergenic and always cruelty free, promising to leave skin hydrated but not greasy. 

“Rich in natural ingredients including colloidal oatmeal and allantoin, it quickly soothes dry, itching and irritated skin, such as symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and more,” the company says. “It absorbs quickly and revitalizes all day long.”

If users prefer a product without fragrance, InfiniteAloe offers a fragrance-free formula that includes all of the same natural ingredients as the original formula. “Many have found our skin care products a wonderful part of their self-care and beauty regimen for years,” the company says. “Some customers become so enthusiastic about the amazing results that they share successes with us online and in person.”

InfiniteAloe’s innovative Gold Anti-Aging formula uses the most powerful nutrients and anti-aging ingredients available to enhance skin’s inner radiance. The company says this is the first skin treatment to employ aloe vera in a nanoparticle form, which brings its many benefits to satiate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of aging. 

InfiniteAloe Gold contains several noteworthy, high-quality ingredients, including:

• DMAE diminishes the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging. This ingredient is responsible for visibly tightening the skin or creating a lifting sensation.

•Nano-hyaluronic acid is a super moisturizer promoting the appearance of deep wrinkles.

• Nano-GABA is sometimes known as “Botox in a bottle” because the amino acid helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Nano-Tripeptides and Nano-Hexapeptides are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

• Nano-Vitamin C and Marine Collagen give the appearance of enhance firmness and elasticity. 

“InfiniteAloe Gold uses a unique formulation of highly concentrated natural ingredients, specifically blended to enhance their effectiveness for remarkable results,” the company says.

Ongoing Success

InfiniteAloe succeeds where even prescription salves and lotions fall short. We hear this all the time from customers who have addressed skin issues from very dry/cracked skin to eczema and all sorts of rashes and blemishes. Modern researchers, in independent studies, have confirmed some of the miraculous wonders aloe vera produces. Recognized authorities on the subject have published volumes of scientific testimony about aloe vera, yet the most moving declarations of its potency come from individuals who have found relief in using the product.

The company has numerous real stories from people who have used its products in recent years. InfiniteAloe publishes the stories not as proof of the power of aloe but as a written account of the experiences others have had with the products. 

“I started using InfiniteAloe on my grandchildren’s eczema and then on rashes, and every time it works better than Neosporin or any host of other creams I’ve used in the past,” one user wrote. “It’s amazing! You must try this cream.”

Another sufferer of eczema wrote to explain: “I love InfiniteAloe. It moisturizes like nothing else! I have really bad eczema and ever since I started using this product I haven’t had any flare ups or had to use the harsh steroids. I would recommend this product to everyone.”

A different consumer noted how InfiniteAloe helps keep their face clear. “InfiniteAloe refreshes my skin without causing breakouts,” they said. “I have combination skin so it is hard to find the balance between too oily and not enough moisture.”

The history of aloe goes back more than 5,000 years. Some of the greatest minds and most legendary beauties in history – from Aristotle to Cleopatra – have celebrated aloe vera for its amazing effectiveness in enhancing beauty as well as its many soothing properties. The Egyptians called aloe vera the “plant of immortality” for its ability to keep the skin looking fresh and lovely. Queen Cleopatra used aloe vera as an essential element in her skin care that kept her renowned complexion so radiant. 

“The purest natural ingredients combined in perfect proportions give InfiniteAloe skin care the power to soothe, smooth and soften skin,” InfiniteAloe says. “We have built on thousands of years of herbal development to optimize nature’s treasures into a formula perfect for human skin.” 


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