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More Contractors Make the Move to Modular


As modular buildings have emerged in the construction industry, we’ve heard about the various advantages they offer, including the ability to save time and money. Some might expect resistance from builders that want to stick to the “tried and true” methods they’ve used in the past, but it instead looks like modular is on its way to becoming the new normal.

According to a study released by Dodge Data & Analytics, architects, engineers and contractors that have used prefabrication and modular methods plan to increase their engagement with them, particularly for healthcare facility, hotel and motel, multifamily, college building and dormitory projects. For example, prefabricated multi-trade assemblies will be used by 58 percent of those doing prefabrication in general.

This would be an increase from the 33 percent currently using the approach. In addition, the study sees growth among those that are performing modular construction in the full volumetric approach, where entire portions of buildings are delivered onsite preconstructed and assembled together.

“It comes as no surprise to us that more developers and GCs plan to use modular construction over the next few years,” Modular Building Institute Executive Director Tom Hardiman said. “The lack of adequate housing and the shortage of skilled labor, coupled with chronic cost and schedule overruns are leading more people towards this process.”

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