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New ‘Frankenstein’ Concrete Will Bring Life to Projects


Builders never tend to look at the materials they put into their projects as living things. At least, not until now. The New York Times reports that a team of researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder has created a type of concrete that is not only alive but can also reproduce.

The new concrete features minerals deposited by cyanobacteria, which captures energy through photosynthesis. It also gives the product a green color until it dries. “It really does look like a Frankenstein material,” Dr. Wil Srubar, a structural engineer and head of the research project, told the Times.

The reproductive traits of the material have made the Department of Defense interested in using it to help construction in remote or austere locations. In addition, the living concrete may be helpful in projects on other planets with harsh environments, including Mars.

“There’s no way we’re going to carry building materials to space,” Srubar told the Times. “We’ll bring biology with us.”

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