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Think Outside the Lunchbox


Builders spend a lot of time focused on what decisions workers make when they are on the job, but what about when they are on break? Are they making choices to eat foods that will keep them healthy and able-bodied to complete their work?

As reported by KLCC 89.7, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) has launched a new training program to promote healthier eating among construction workers. According to BOLI Policy Analyst Larry Williams, laborers should be mindful of consuming good nutrients and focusing on what will keep their energy up throughout the day.

The training helps workers plan their meals before they reach the job site, and is free. In addition, they have the opportunity to earn up to $50 when they complete a research study on their own eating habits.

More than 12 workers have completed the study. “It’s probably a little touchy-feely for some of them,” Williams told KLCC. “It’s a little bit of a tougher sell than some of the other things that we offer, such as help with their work boots and rain gear, which is probably more near and dear to their heart.”

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