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TrueLook Construction Cameras Increase Efficiency and Help Avoid Costly Mistakes


TrueLook helps enhance collaboration with stakeholders and ensure workers are safe and productive.

Efficiency is essential to the success of any construction project, helping firms cut costs and speed project completion. But unfortunately, efficiency on the jobsite isn’t the norm – yet.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 57 percent of activities on a construction site are wasteful and don’t add value. And a 2018 survey conducted by PlanGrid and FMI found that 35 percent of construction professionals’ time (over 14 hours per week) is spent on non-productive activities such as looking for information, resolving conflicts, fixing mistakes and rework. It goes without saying that such non-productive activities cause projects to go over budget and finish behind schedule.

With the rising cost of materials, increased competition and fewer people working in construction now than at the market’s peak, efficiency is absolutely essential for construction firms to make a profit.  

Technology can help, but until recently, construction as an industry had been slower than most to adopt it. Fortunately, that’s changing. One smart way construction firms are using technology to increase efficiency and prevent mistakes is by installing construction cameras on the jobsite. 

TrueLook construction cameras offer advanced capabilities that boost jobsite efficiency by enhancing collaboration with stakeholders, creating better and more immediate documentation and ensuring workers are safe and productive. They also provide real-time jobsite visibility to enable project managers to proactively identify and prevent costly mistakes that can put a project behind schedule and over budget. 

So Little Time, So Many Jobsites

A key concern with many construction firms is how to monitor and manage multiple jobsites. Often, project managers must travel between sites, but they can’t be everywhere at once – and time spent traveling can cause delays as workers wait for approvals and instructions. 

TrueLook construction cameras record and upload live footage and photos to the TrueLook platform, which project managers can view remotely from any connected device through a user-friendly web app. This gives them immediate visibility into projects without wasting time and money traveling from site to site. 

For example, GE Power Systems (GEPS) has cut travel expenses significantly while eliminating project delays using TrueLook cameras. In one instance, its Greenville, N.C. factory saved $8,000 by using them for a remote inspection. This eliminated flight costs – as well as the cost of time spent traveling – for five engineers. Another time, an engineer was able to collaborate with an installer by viewing photos in the TrueLook platform, and resolve an issue that otherwise would have required an engineer to fly out to the site. 

With remote access to real-time video footage and photos, decision-making is much faster. Real-time visibility into the status of a project at any time takes the guesswork out of scheduling crews, subcontractors and deliveries. Managers can determine the best location to drop incoming deliveries so they don’t block ongoing work. If the footage reveals a potential problem with a delivery, teams can make rapid adjustments to prevent delays.

Less Risk and Theft – More Compliance and Productivity

Psychologists have proven repeatedly that people are more responsible when they’re being watched – and this holds true for construction workers. Productivity increases when workers know cameras are monitoring the jobsite – and that in itself is a huge efficiency boost. But in addition to keeping workers working, cameras help enforce compliance with regulations and policies, and alert managers to potential safety risks or hazards that can impede a project’s progress. 

Theft on the jobsite impacts efficiency, as well. If materials or machinery go missing, delays are inevitable. Security cameras deter theft and provide tangible, reliable evidence should an incident occur, to assist with police investigations and accelerate insurance processes. TrueLook cameras even enable motion detection for event tracking, so firms can pinpoint when an incident occurred, eliminating the need to review hours of uneventful footage. 

Everyone Makes Mistakes 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of construction cameras is their ability to alert project managers and teams to potential problems that could lead to serious – and costly – mistakes. According to a study by PlanGrid and FMI, 52 percent of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication. TrueLook cameras fix that problem. 

Imagine having around-the-clock access to a 360-degree view of your project. You can see everything going on, spot issues early and take action to prevent mistakes before they happen. This not only reduces downtime and rework, it can reduce materials waste, prevent injuries and minimize the risk of lawsuits.

Visual documentation via TrueLook cameras enhances accountability. If a mistake is made, reviewing the video footage and photos can assist with assigning liability when multiple trades are involved, helping resolve conflicts sooner. Images offer superior detail and granularity, providing a useful tool for investigating what went wrong. 

Here’s an example: Arkansas-based StoneBridge Construction uses Truelook cameras to monitor multiple jobsites, giving team members 24/7 access to view jobsite conditions, no matter where they are. More than once, they’ve helped StoneBridge’s project managers catch problems before they impacted the firm’s bottom line:

• A project manager spotted a dirt work issue on the live camera, then took immediate action to correct it, preventing what may have been a $50,000 mistake.

• Using TrueLook’s 24/7 security recording, StoneBridge pulled evidence after landscaping was stolen from one of its jobsites. From the footage, StoneBridge was able to get the make and model of the thieves’ vehicle. 

• At another jobsite, a camera revealed that young people had trespassed on project property. Fortunately, the contractor was able to address this issue before it became a safety or liability concern for stakeholders.

A Technology Worth Looking Into

In construction, increasing efficiency is a constant battle, and mistakes are bound to happen. Installing TrueLook cameras can mitigate the impact by closing the efficiency gap and helping to quickly address mistakes – or prevent them altogether. 


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