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Increase Your Employee Retention Through Recognition


It can be tough finding qualified people to join your firm, but it can also be challenging to keep those valuable employees while you operate in such a competitive market. How can one possibly hold onto those skilled workers that know all the operations of your business and keep it running? 

Joel Garfinkle, a provider of corporate training, webinars and keynotes, has some suggestions on how do just that in a recent SmartBrief article. One of them includes giving positive feedback to overlooked talent in your organization. 

“Even the very shy appreciate a verbal pat on the back that shows appreciation,” he writes. “Your genuine thanks gives both recognition and confirmation that they’re on the right track and meeting expectations. Most of us need that check-in to affirm for ourselves that what we do means something to someone.”

Another, he notes, is to create opportunities for overlooked leaders. Because many want new challenges in their careers, they can find them with their current employeror go elsewhere. “Help build people’s reputations for the great work they do, and they’re more likely to stick around — and advance — through your company,” Garfinkle says. 


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