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Justin Doyle Homes Hires Only the Best For Its Projects


Justin Doyle Homes has built more than 150 high-end luxury homes.

Some builders may take advantage of opportunities where they can save money while providing homeowners with less quality, but Justin Doyle Homes takes the opposite approach. With this strategy, “We’ve built an extremely exciting organization,” owner Justin Doyle declares.

For example, when the Cincinnati-based custom and luxury homebuilder has the opportunity to add to its staff, it makes sure that it only hires the best that it can find in the industry.

Doyle founded his namesake company after gaining extensive experience in the industry. “My family has been building homes since the mid-‘70s,” he says, noting that he previously worked for his father, who specialized in building homes in northwest Ohio.

“I’ve always had that love and drive towards building homes and pleasing our clients,” Doyle says, adding that he earned his engineering degree at The Ohio State University and worked at Northrop Grumman, before becoming a partner in his father’s company.

But Doyle later moved to Cincinnati to start his own custom homebuilding firm and put his engineering expertise to good use. “I was seeing if there were bigger and better ways of building homes,” he recalls.

Offering the Best

Today, Justin Doyle Homes builds homes in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, as well as northern Kentucky. “We’ve built over 150 high-end luxury homes,” Doyle says.

But recently, the company has started constructing more affordable homes that have brought its price points down while attracting a customer base of millennials and empty-nesters. However, “We’re not compromising the efficiency of our designs,” he asserts.

Instead, the company’s focus on quality remains as strong as ever, as it continues to search for the latest and greatest products that can be added to its homes. This allows Justin Doyle Homes to provide warranties that can last from 20 years to up to a lifetime.

“That’s because we use quality products and our manufacturers stand behind our warranties,” Doyle says. “We’re having trade meetings and consultations to find out what are the best parts we can offer.”

First in Class

Justin Doyle Homes will soon start work on a town-home community that will be built in Oakley, Ohio. For the project, the company partnered with an Atlanta-based firm that has up to 20 years of industry experience.

“They’re first-in-class,” Doyle says, noting that his firm sought out the best designer it could find, like it has with its employees. “They’ve built thousands of projects with others.”

Although the project has yet to break ground, “We’ve already sold one of our first units,” he reports, adding that it has impressed customers with visits to its model homes, and given them the ability to customize their plans via its website. “It makes them more engaged in the process.”

These strategies also have eliminated the homeowners’ fear of the unexpected. “They know what this is going to look like when we build it,” Doyle asserts.

Improved Experiences

Justin Doyle Homes recently opened a new office with a showroom in Mason, Ohio, that has not only helped the company create a more positive homeowner experience, but also meet with parties on the project. “We can bring them in-house and share the values so everyone’s on the same page,” Doyle says.

The homebuilder plans to keep doing that in the future. “That’s going to allow us to continue growing our company,” he says. “Our No. 1 goal is to maintain what we’re currently doing and look at how can we continue to improve those experiences for our homeowners.”