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Mechanical Contractors Should Embrace BIM


When we think of contractors using building information modeling (BIM), we tend to think of the people constructing facilities or houses, and not mechanical or HVAC contractors. But a new study from Dodge Data & Analytics shows that the latter can benefit from its use as well.

For example, BIM can help these contractors improve the fabrication process, since many are regular users of offsite fabrication. According to the study, more than 80 percent of mechanical contractors who use BIM for prefabricating have seen improvements in the material waste generated, as well as labor costs and the quality of installed work.

BIM also has helped the contractors boost labor productivity and profitability, as well as better utilize their resources and improve cost performance. “BIM is an increasingly important and incredibly complex part of the building process,” commented Sean McGuire, the director of Innovative Technologies at the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

“It requires additional coordination, planning and design expertise, and MCAA members are embracing the tools and technology to rise to the challenge,” he added. “This new process is still in its infancy, and mechanical contractors — especially those that are already using BIM — have a lot to learn from this report.”


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