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The G.B. Group Understands The Importance of Quality Service


The G.B. Group Inc. has completed 7,000 projects and amassed nearly 9,000 satisfied clients.

In its more than 28 years of operation, The G.B. Group (GBG) Inc. has served almost 4,000 homeowners associations, completed 7,000 projects and amassed nearly 9,000 satisfied clients. This record of success is likely due to GBG’s “service-first commitment” in its approach to projects, but that focus on service is not just lip service at GBG. The company remains committed to its clients — and the customer base is unique — because GBG doesn’t often deal with project owners. 

“Our service-first commitment is a true priority for us,” President Bill Mann explains. “A great deal of our business is through property managers, not true property owners. They are trying to do their jobs, and we make it easier for them to do their jobs. That is how the ball of repeat business keeps rolling. It’s not often we work directly for a property owner — usually a management person is in between. For the property manager, service is more important than anything because these projects reflect on them and impact their world.”

Based in California, GBG offers reconstruction services, minor repairs and maintenance, inspections and investigations, and painting and other specialty services, primarily for homeowners’ associations (HOA). The company maintains this service-first focus by developing relationships with property managers and managing them for the long term. Not only does GBG promise on-time and on-budget delivery of its work, but it provides project management oversight and free post-project inspections for three years. 

GBG currently is working at the Laurels in Santa Clara, Calif., which is a $28 million project. “On this one, we are working for the construction manager, but we have to keep the leasing team happy so they can continue to lease the property,” Mann says. “The work is a lot of rehab and waterproofing — that’s the core of our business.”

‘Firing on All Cylinders’

GBG remains dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to its clients while facing ongoing industry challenges. Mann notes the cost of construction is increasing faster than inflation, especially in the Bay Area, so GBG helps clients understand how this will affect project budgets and property managers’ ongoing reserve funds. At the same time, labor costs are increasing. GBG is making clients aware of these issues by offering presentations to HOAs and writing articles in industry publications. 

“The labor costs are going up, but there’s also a labor shortage in northern California,” Mann says. “There aren’t enough qualified laborers, so all of the trades are in short supply. We have a strong team environment and offer better benefits, which helps us to retain our employees. In fact, our retention has been so good that we have been in growth mode in the last few years. It allowed us to double our crew size without too much difficulty.”

Growth has allowed GBG to continue with HOA and condominium work, as well as diversify into the apartment market. While staying mainly in northern California, the company is working in some new communities and doing a few jobs in Reno, Nev. 

It also has expanded its safety program with more in-house training — such as in silica dust, lead and asbestos — and has a greater focus on fall protection as GBG’s work goes more vertical. Mann notes GBG’s safety director is OSHA 500 certified, and it is taking advantage of that by offering more training. 

“The team we have built is phenomenal, and that really helps us stay competitive,” Mann says. “I’m talking about every part of the business — in the field, sales, administrative and estimation. They are all firing on all cylinders.”  


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