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Wearables Give Builders Jobsite Visibility


Every day, it seems like we’re introduced to a new innovation that makes work on a jobsite easier and safer. But how about one that the worker doesn’t actually carry to the jobsite, but instead wears and provides them with motion and location data?

According to SmartBrief, this is the world of the wearable tech industry, which is expected to be a $54 billion business by 2023. The news site recently spoke about this technology with Robert Costantini, the CEO of Triax Technologies, which produces the Spot-r system of wearable and sensor devices.

One area where it can be applied, Costantini noted, was productivity management. “Productivity benefits are easier to understand once you have visibility into workers and what they’re doing, how they’re interfacing with each other on the jobsite and how they might be interacting with the equipment that they are trained or not trained to operate,” he told SmartBrief. “Things like how much time they’re actually spending on various projects, where they’re spending that time.”

The tech can also help workers find the equipment they need to be productive. “A lot of times, we hear, ‘I needed a scaffold,’ or ‘I needed a ladder’ or ‘I needed some kind of scissor lift and there weren’t enough onsite,’ when in fact, a jobsite supervisor can see where that equipment is located because we can tag it,” he added.


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