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Why Alpha Construction Values ‘Connections and Ties’


Alpha has worked on almost every chain in the hospitality market.

Alpha Construction dedicates its work primarily to the hospitality and senior housing markets, but not just because those sectors are booming in the areas in which it works. Not only has Alpha worked for most major chains in these market sectors, but it has worked on multiple projects for these clients, understanding the specifications of each brand and the quality required, because its work has the potential to touch so many people. 

“In hospitality, we have worked on almost every chain, so we have connections and ties with the people, and we know the processes of almost every brand,” President and CEO Brad Grose explains. “The majority of our work is negotiated or ones that we specifically referred — we don’t use any public sites that promote projects — and we’ve done 10-plus projects for some individual clients. These are well-known companies in the industry and tour experience also gives us opportunities with other potential clients.”

As a demonstration of its frequency of repeat work, Grose notes, Alpha is currently working on six projects for one client, and that same client wants to start three more. Based in Winesburg, Ohio, Alpha travels throughout the country as its clients grow. The design/build firm is a full-service general contractor, always willing to assist with feasibility studies, land selection and acquisition, project design and construction. Grose says the experience of its employees allows it to consistently deliver a high level of quality and grow. 

“Having knowledge of the individual brands and the differences between them allows us to serve the overall projects, front to back,” Grose says. “We have experience in every facet of these projects and we have the ability to travel with our clients. Generally, we are working in five or six states at a time. Once we start working with a client, we can serve them anywhere they choose to go, and having one consistent construction team makes a large difference for them. They trust that no matter where they are, we have their best interests in mind.”

Relationship Appreciation

By working repeatedly with its clients, Alpha learns what is important to them and what individual programs and investments they require. All of this knowledge is incorporated into its projects, along with brand prototypes and preferences of the client’s head of construction. Alpha can provide this level of personal touch and exceed quality expectations, Grose says, because of its tenured workforce and quality subcontractors. The entire Alpha team, he explains, understands what clients require, especially in terms of project quality and schedule. 

“When you talk about the sheer quantity of projects we do and the volume of people who will see them — if we build 500 hotel rooms a year, that’s about 125,000 people who will rent those rooms in a year,” Grose says. “When you break it down to that quantity, it means more. Then we show our crews the online reviews that talk about how nice the building was or how quiet it was — that is because of the construction, and it makes you look at the work a little differently.”

Hotels have standards for each brand, and senior living projects also have high standards, but they are more unique from project to project. Even so, Grose says, one bad project can harm a reputation and relationship, so Alpha relies on its subcontractors to support its quality delivery. He notes the company has a good pool of subs in each location it works, but if it goes somewhere new, subs must pass a prequalification process. 

“It’s relationships more than anything,” Grose stresses. “In today’s market, there is plenty of work for anyone’s employees and subs to go elsewhere. Same with clients — they can go to other contractors. We are very appreciative to grow with the relationships we have, and that these relationships have been so long-lasting.”


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