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Concrete Contractors Keep the Faith in the Face of COVID-19


As the coronavirus has made its way through the United States, operations have seemingly ground to a halt. Or have they? World of Concrete (WOC) reports that construction work has continued, and that some concrete contractors are taking measures to keep themselves safe.

For example, Chris Forster, the vice president of operations for Largo Concrete, noted that his employees are taking training and updates the company provides to work with the right precautions. “I have used some of the information on the OSHA COVID-19 website in preparing our plan of action,” he told WOC. “One important note on the site is that construction is in a LOW risk category.”

Paul Albanelli of Albanelli Cement Contractors noted that his company, its suppliers and customers are sharing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and state health departments with employees and each other. “The only thing that would slow us down would be some sort of lockdown,” he told WOC. “I’ve heard it may be sooner rather than later although I hope they’re wrong.” 

Tommy Ruttura, the CEO of Ruttura & Sons Construction, told WOC that his company has shut down as the situation in New York has escalated. “We have workers who have it,” he commented. “Some clients are upset, but I’d rather protect our people. Stay safe — this is no joke, stay home.”


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