Day: April 24, 2020


Walker & Co. Stays Close to Customers as it Builds Projects

Walker & Co.’s personal involvement ensures that every job is completed on time. When Walker & Co. Inc. builds a project, it makes sure to stay close to the client. The first contact, it notes, is with a principal of the company, while it maintains routine personal visits during the project, ensuring quality is maintained.  […]

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Forward Thinking and Resilience Help Ozinga Weather Challenges

Ozinga is one of the nation’s largest family-owned and oldest construction materials companies. Is it better to take a risk and try tojump-start a trend, or to cautiously follow the lead of others? While many ofus at this moment feel like we’re merely reacting to trends outside ourcontrol, there are certainly times when it makes […]

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Brightwater Homes’ Sweet Apple Neighborhood Combines History with Modern Touches

Brightwater Homes operates with the goal of creating neighborhoods that bring people together while leaving nature alone. Change is inevitable. As the population in Atlanta and the surrounding area continues to grow, it’s only natural for development to follow. But in Atlanta’s affluent rural suburb of Milton, Ga., Brightwater Homes is following its best practice […]

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