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Built on the Rock Goes Above Expectations


Built on the Rock concentrates on its own work as opposed to competing with others.

It’s natural for businesses to keep a wary eye on what their competitors are doing. But Built on the Rock Industries LLC thrives by taking a different strategy, President and founder Raunel Tejeda says.

“We normally don’t look to compete with others,” he explains. “We just concentrate on what we do and doing it right at a fair price. I know there are other people out there, but we’re not focused on that. The Lord provides for everybody.”

Tejeda started the Round Rock, Texas-based subcontractor in 2006 after working for another firm. At the time, he was in deep financial debt but had recently made a conversion to Christianity. When reading the Bible, he found a verse that stated, “You will not borrow money, but you will loan to the nations.”

Those words inspired Tejeda to leave the construction company he was working for and take side jobs from a client. “God was guiding me through all that,” he recalls, adding that he believes a divine presence helped him as he learned to estimate and use a computer in his work. “That’s how it started and it’s been the same way until now.”

Exclusive Work

Today, Built on the Rock specializes in a range of subcontracting services for commercial projects, including drywall, insulation, interior demolition and door, frame and hardware installation. “[Work has] been constant since we started,” Tejeda says.

The firm serves all general contractors, but there are two in particular that the firm has been working with for the past 14 years: DCA Construction and The Burt Group.

Currently, Built on the Rock is at work on several projects located in Austin, Texas. “We mostly work in Austin, but we do work in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston,” Tejeda reports.

One way that Built on the Rock has maintained its longtime relationships with DCA and Burt is by focusing on serving its clients ethically. “I was taught to work and be the best on everything,” he says. “We don’t focus on money, but doing our work in a quality manner and with safety.”

Built on the Rock also will go beyond what it is expected and serve its clients in ways that exceed the stipulations of its contracts. “That has strengthened the relationships between us,” he says. For example, the company will help if the general contractor is in a bind and needs help getting the work done, faster or complete a change that was not in the scope.

Safe and Sound

The COVID-19 pandemic has not negatively impacted Built on the Rock’s work in its home state of Texas. “We’re not affected because construction was considered an essential business,” Tejeda says.

Today, he says, the company is as busy as ever, but is taking great care to ensure that its employees do not contract the coronavirus or spread it to each other. “We practice social distancing, but that’s typical on our jobs,” he asserts. “We work together, but apart.”

Built on the Rock also takes great care to ensure that its employees avoid accidents. When the company is in charge of the job site, “We implement the OSHA standards,” he describes. “[We also] keep the jobsite clean.” 

This is accomplished by cleaning and throwing trash in the dumpster as it goes through the day.

Ready to Learn

Built on the Rock not only enjoys longevity with its clients, but also with its staff. Currently, Tejeda says, it employs 14 workers who have remained loyal to Built on the Rock for the past 14 years.

When hiring, the company looks for people who “actually want to work and actually want to learn,” he says, noting that Built on the Rock extensively trains them on subjects such as safety and puts them in the field with experienced laborers. “We call them ‘journeymen.’”

The company will continue this practice going forward, although Tejeda prefers not to plan too far ahead. Instead, “We just take it as it comes,” he says.

Built on the Rock has “been growing so far and I’m sure that’s going to continue,”  Tejeda predicts. “But we don’t plan anything for the future. Our Lord provides.”