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How Drones Can Promote Job Progress and Social Distancing


Drones have become a commonly used tool on construction sites, helping builders monitor progress and jobsite safety. It’s only natural that firms would rely on these devices to complete their work under the limits of the COVID-19 pandemic.

sUAS News reports that drone service provider ConnexiCore is helping them do that with its SaaS-based platform, ConnexiCore Cloud. With the platform, firms use the drones to gather high-resolution images and 4K video of jobsites while practicing social distancing.

Builders also can obtain actionable data from the drones, including 3-D point cloud models and asset inventory tracking. But the platform also allows associates to collaborate across multiple assets as they work remotely and safely.

“We want to help our clients keep their employees safe, while also trying to maintain effectiveness,” ConnexiCore CEO Frank Segarra told sUAS. “This supports productivity for companies and preserves jobs for the employees.” 


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