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Staying Vigilant is Key to Keeping Work Sites Healthy


As builders work during the COVID-19 pandemic, many are doing their best to play it safe and keep themselves healthy. But it  helps to have another pair of eyes look at your operations to ensure that opportunities to prevent the virus fare not being missed. 

Nurses in Tampa, Fla., are now providing that additional perspective. As reported by Tampa Bay Times, the nurse-inspectors are visiting the 52 largest sites in the city two to three times a week to ensure guidelines are being followed. When city officials felt they needed to know that contractors were consistently following best practices, “That brought us to, ‘Why don’t we do spot checks?’” Tampa Administrator of Development and Economic Opportunity Carole Post explained.

Tampa then contracted with Dr. James McCluskey, an occupational medicine physician who also works as a medical director, and approximately 20 nurses to visit the sites. Many of the nurses are from Rasmussen College and are performing the inspection work on their own time. When the inspections started on April 10, the nurses found that, on average, builders took precautions seriously, the Times reports.

But workers still need to remain vigilant in these practices, even if they start to feel fatigue, McCluskey told the paper. “We have to continue to stay six feet away from one another, to wash our hands and make sure that people aren’t forgetting [these practices]  when they go to lunch; that still holds true,” he asserted.


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