Sun West Custom Homes Wants to Change Industry Standards

Sun West is committed to building custom homes of superior architectural design.

Custom homes are designed to turn buyers’ dreams into reality and are built at the highest level of craftsmanship. At Sun West Custom Homes, the company created a 13-page questionnaire to reveal its clients’ deepest desires and an extensive 87-point checklist to ensure every detail of the building process is achieved at the highest quality possible. 

“Sun West Homes is committed to building custom homes of superior architectural design, unequaled quality of construction and craftsmanship, with comprehensive interior design packages,” the company says. 


In 1978, Cynthia Coletti founded Sun West Homes in Florida where her creative designs became recognized as “warm and inviting homes that had a special ‘woman’s touch.’” 

Four years later, Coletti relocated to Colorado where she continued to grow the business by introducing innovative designs and new concepts in materials that hadn’t yet been used in the Colorado Springs, Colo., area. 

In 1989, Sun West Custom Homes entered the Las Vegas market and has been building custom homes in the city’s most prestigious planned communities ever since. Coletti’s son, Daniel Coletti, was the driving force behind launching in Las Vegas. 

Now the president of Sun West Custom Homes, Daniel Coletti started as a superintendent with the company and quickly became a designer. Today, Coletti focuses on managing the company and designing award-wining homes — including the 2019 and 2020 New American Homes for the National Home Builders Association International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

The two homes sold for $5.5 million each and showcased the latest in design, construction, sustainability, green building techniques, smart technology and home products. “Sun West Custom Homes is a company devoted to remaining innovative with continual revision of design and construction techniques, creating change in industry standards to which all others aspire,” the company says. 

Every Detail Matters

Sun West Custom Homes believes its in-house architectural design and construction teams, as well as its interior design concepts department provide many advantages to the homeowner. To start, the company’s architects interpret and design each home in conjunction with the client and construction team. 

Daniel Coletti and President of Construction Carl Martinez visit a client’s lot many times to analyze the assets and attributes available. After the visits, an initial floor plan is drafted using the client’s ideas and wish list. Coletti then meets with the client to begin a detailed “asset allocation” process, which includes the 13-page multi-sectioned amenities questionnaire.

“The questions are there to gather personal information from the client, as well as to probe clients to explore their innermost wants and aversions in order to extract their true desires, while maintaining budget limitations,” the company explains. “The extensive questionnaire is more comprehensive than any survey used in the industry today and can take up to four hours to complete.”

Once construction begins, Sun West Custom Homes uses a quality control manual developed in-house that includes an extensive checklist of 87 key items to pass the company’s standards. “Sun West Custom Homes understands that quality craftsmanship can only be achieved using high-quality control standards,” the company says. “The extensive checklist ensures completion of every detail of the building process is achieved at the highest quality possible.”

Each home is assigned a Sun West Custom Homes building team, which consists of a project manager, interior designer, project coordinator and an on-site superintendent. Each member is given the latest technology, including wireless laptops and scheduling programs, to focus on contract compliance, quality control and coordinate building activities. 

Close Coordination

Sun West Custom Homes has partnered with a core group of subcontractors for more than a decade. The company contracts only licensed and insured subcontractors and has stringent policies in place to ensure those state requirements remain current at all times. 

“Sun West Custom Homes signs contracts with only the best subcontractors — those who specialize in their trades and are known for high-quality craftsmanship,” the company says. 

During the structural phases of construction, Sun West Custom Homes requires the structural engineer, foundation, framing and truss trades to attend regular site meetings to ensure projects are built to its specifications. “Sun West Custom Homes promises to present each client with a custom home built to specification from foundation to finish, on schedule, and of the highest quality possible,” the company says. 

Moving forward, Sun West Custom Homes says it plans to continue to develop creative, innovative designs and introduce new concepts in homebuilding materials. 

The company says it is looking forward to the International Builders’ Show returning to Las Vegas in 2023 and would consider submitting a proposal to the National Home Builders Association to design and build the 2023 New American Home. “I would do it in 2023 for sure,” Coletti says. “I like the fact that me and my team learn about all the products before they ever make it to the ground.” 


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