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Industry Updates

Experts Advise Students on the State of the Industry


Construction has continued during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the future of the industry remains uncertain. 8 News NOW reports that recent graduates and students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas got an indication of where things currently stand when they attended a virtual panel hosted by the Nevada State Contractors Board. 

Students learned how OSHA enforces safety guidelines and the use of PPEs, as well as how the virus has impacted behavior on-site. “The biggest change is [in] the way we communicate,” Martin-Harris Construction President Guy Martin told them.

“Every company in town has mass communications capabilities through text messaging,” he continued. “Believe it or not, construction guys are OK with social distancing; we tend to act that way and behave that way anyways.”

Students also learned that texting is not the best way to apply for a job in the industry. “One thing the younger generation really struggles with is [making] a phone call; they’d much rather text,” commented Brian Kalina of Southwest Gas.

He instead recommended that they take a more personal approach. “You [can] get a lot of information just by calling a couple of companies you are interested in,” Kalina advised. “Call their HR department and ask about opportunities.”

And despite the pandemic, companies are still giving students the opportunity to learn the construction trade with apprenticeship programs that have been converted to online learning. The Southern Nevada Building Trades also continues to interview hundreds of applicants for its program, “in hopes to be a part of the 40-member August cohort,” 8 News NOW says.