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Playing it Safe: ‘Smart Staffing’ is The Way to Go


Here is a question that is no longer hypothetical: When operating during a pandemic, is it better to keep all the employees you can get, or only hold on to the best? Tradesmen International, a construction staffing firm, says builders are leaning toward the latter option as COVID-19 restrictions become more loose during this global emergency.

“When it comes to staffing in times of uncertainty, it is safer and more prudent to run a leaner, full-time workforce, comprised only of top craft professionals, and supplement that core craft workforce with contract skilled craftsmen on an ‘only as needed’ basis,” Tradesman COO Mike Christiansen says. “This ‘smart staffing’ tactic creates a core staff level, avoids costly spikes and dips, and actually saves thousands of dollars over the long term.”

Builders also are adopting what Tradesmen refers to as a “CORE + Flex” labor staffing strategy, where contractors work with its construction labor management-trained consultants to determine what volume of full-time craft employees is the best fit for their businesses. The consultants also can help clients determine which employees should be brought back after being laid off and the right time to do so.

This approach “is exactly right for today,” Christiansen adds. “With governmental and healthcare expert opinions varying day by day on which state or which businesses should open and when, our clients are doing the smart thing.”


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