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Waste Not: The K-Briq Gives New Life to Garbage


Construction firms are going green more than ever, and if the latest news from Scotland is any indication, they’re about to get even greener. Forbes reports that Kenoteq, a start-up company, has launched the K-Briq, a product that generates less than 10 percent of the carbon emissions released during the manufacture of regular bricks.

But the savings don’t end there. Ninety percent of the bricks are made from construction waste materials. The brick’s creator, Professor Gabriela Medero at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, told Forbes that she began looking more than a decade ago at how construction materials can be reused.

“Was it possible to recycle these materials and reuse them in a more circular approach?” she recalled. “This was the driving force for me to create something better.”

While the K-Briq looks and weighs like an ordinary brick, it uses a binding agent that unites broken-down bricks, plasterboard, concrete, gravel and sand to form a new block. But if a builder were to have doubt about its strength, he or she can rest easy.

According to Forbes, the K-Briq meets numerous building standards for fire resistance and use in load-bearing situations. “We’ve been performing durability tests for many years,” Medero told the magazine. “We’ve simulated the most extreme circumstances by repeatedly boiling and freezing them and created the harshest conditions over varying time periods.”