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ABC Shares its ‘DNA’ With Builders to Improve Safety


When work starts on a job site, there is nothing that builders want less than an accident. Many firms continuously make safety their No. 1 priority, and the Associated Builders and Contractors  (ABC) is helping them hone their skills so that their employees never have to suffer these unfortunate incidents.

As reported by the South Jersey Observer, the association is offering its Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP), a benchmarking and improvement tool that its member firms use to measure their safety processes and policies. This is accomplished through a questionnaire that helps them implement or enhance programs.

“Many of our members see significant benefits from STEP being a source to them,” ABC NJ President Sam Fiocchi told the Observer. “Commercial companies, industrial companies and suppliers often take part in the STEP Safety program due to its world-class safety standards.”

According to Fiocchi, participation in the program also shows the company’s organizational leadership as well as its commitment to its employees, which can lead to a positive cultural transformation. “Safety is part of our DNA,” he added. “STEP makes companies up to six times safer than the industry average, something ABC and its members have shown a dedicated commitment to.”


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