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Builders to the Rescue!


There’s a saying that goes, “Not all heroes wear capes.” Well, it turns out that some of them do wear hard hats, as recent stories show that construction workers are willing to do their part and help people during tough times.

For example, last week in Albert Lea, Minn., ABC 6 News reports that firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from the vents of a home. After arriving, they discovered that the resident was safe and rafters near the bathroom fan were in flames.

But the resident’s safety was ensured by the roofing company she had hired to do repairs. When workers saw the smoke, they were responsible for getting the resident out and calling 911. While the work of the brave firefighters should not be overlooked, the roofers deserve praise as well, for looking out for the safety of their client.

Builders also can be heroes by helping people achieve their dreams. In Peoria, Ill., CIProud.com reports, workers at PointCore Construction have been taking time out of their weekends to contribute to a pavilion project for OSF Healthcare’s Garden of Hope.

OSF Faith Community Nurse Mary Ann Burk opened the garden in 2015. “For these guys to come out here and to do all this, it’s just amazing,” she told CIProud. “It’s everything I have ever dreamed of.”

With the pavilion, she added, kids and adults will have a safe place to learn how to grow their own vegetables and fruits as well as about the different meals they can cook. “Many of the people only have stove tops or microwaves, so part of the education we’re providing is to help people that have limited ways to cook to use the vegetables and fruits in the ways that they are able to,” she stated.


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