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Trade Hounds Allows Builders to Showcase Their Projects


Today, more than 690 million users have presences on LinkedIn, as they make connections among various industries. But what if there was an online network that focused strictly on the construction business? That’s what founders Peter Maglathlin and David Broomhead have strived to do with Trade Hounds.

According to Westfair Communications, the two debuted Trade Hounds in 2019 with the goal of launching an online environment just for construction professionals. “It’s always bothered me that tradespeople — the skilled workers who build our hospitals, schools and infrastructure — don’t have access to a technology platform that meets their professional needs,” Broomhead commented in a statement.

One of the advantages that Trade Hounds offers those in the construction business, Westfair notes, is that workers can show off the finished quality of their work via multimedia as opposed to the text-driven environment of LinkedIn. “What a commercial carpenter or electrician or plumber prefers is to show imagery and video as evidence of what they’re able to do,” Maglathlin said. 

“They are showers, not tellers,” he continued. “Workers on Trade Hounds can showcase their skills through imagery and video on the platform, seek advice, and get feedback and validation from other workers on the platform.”

So far, Westfair reports, Trade Hounds has 200,000 registered users across the country. The site also is preparing a jobs section that will “enable employers to interact with the community about job opportunities, which is going to be the primary monetization channel in the near medium- and long-term,” he added.


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