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Venture Keeps Its Finger on the Pulse of Projects With Its Technology


After more than 20 years of business, a company would be tempted to rest on its laurels and go through the motions in its work. But for Venture Construction Group of Florida (VCGFL), the name of the game has been to continuously implement the latest technologies for its customer service, project management, job monitoring and safety.

“We are committed to utilizing the latest and greatest apps, software and technology to provide the most advanced level of service and safety to our customers and our staff,” President and CEO Stephen Shanton declares. “We have so many amazing tools at our fingertips these days that enhance safety, performance and reporting. It’s an exciting time for the construction industry.”

The Boca Raton, Fla.-based VCGFL, which was founded in 1998, offers commercial construction, restoration, renovation, roofing, storm damage repair and emergency services in its home state, along with Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Caribbean. Some of the technology the company has adopted includes a video wall of nine HD televisions that livestream its job sites and weather, as well as a digital touch screen table for viewing project documentation and presentations.

Last year, the company implemented virtual reality goggles for its recruiting, staff training, and for showcasing inspections and damage to its clients. Today, its systems also include EarthCam webcam services and 4G LTE TrueLook cameras that provide security and time-lapse videos on all projects, along with Matterport 3-D cameras that record a 360-degree view of its sites.

“Technology is a game changer and can take any company to an entirely new level,” Shanton declared. “It allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of every single project.”


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