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Industry Updates

ACC Partners with RB to Promote Cleanliness in Student Housing


As students return to universities this fall, they will be focused on staying safe during the era of COVID-19. They will need guidance on keeping their residences and its surfaces clean. American Campus Communities (ACC) Inc. an owner, manager and developer of student housing communities, has partnered with RB, the maker of Lysol, to provide that expertise.

Together, they have created the “Be safe. Be smart. Do your part. with Lysol Protection,” program, which will analyze community cleaning and disinfection protocols and provide ACC community staff with cleaning guidelines, procedures and training on the products to use. It also will teach residents on cleaning and healthy living practices.

Rahul Kadyan, the executive vice president of North America Hygiene for RB, noted that the company focuses on a cleaner and healthier world for all. “We’ve collaborated for ACC for three years in providing cleaning and disinfection protocols,” he said. “We are thrilled to be implementing a new expanded plan specific for the higher educational residential experience that will help equip each community with proper disinfection protocols with practical, actionable steps and tools.”

One standard created as part of the partnership may include making rooms move-in ready. “After receiving a comprehensive inspection, each unoccupied student unit and bedroom will get a ‘Clean & Confident’ room seal on the door, which will not be broken until the residents enter for the first time,” ACC says.

“You can verify cleanliness with your eyes but knowing something is appropriately disinfected requires an understanding that the right product is being used in the right manner,” ACC CEO Bill Bayless said. “Our collaboration with the global industry leader RB and the Lysol brand will help ensure our team members have the necessary cleaning products as well as protocols to follow so they can take the steps needed to help residents do their part when it comes to mitigating the spread of the virus.”