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Buildots Offers a Whole New Way to View Your Project Schedule


(Photo credit: iStock.com/gpointstudio)

The construction industry may show resistance when it comes to adopting new technologies, but that has not stopped innovators from finding new ways to help them do their jobs better. One company poised to do that is Tel Aviv and London-based startup Buildots, which has a technology for helping contractors stick to their schedules.

TechCrunch explains that the company uses 360-degree cameras mounted on hard hats to create a digital twin of a project site. Buildots’ software then compares the project plan to what is actually occurring on the site, including if a sink still needs to be installed in a kitchen on the project.

Buildots recently raised $16 million in total funding, which included investors such as Tidhar Construction Group and its chairman, Gil Geva. He said in a statement that Buildots has solved a problem that seemed unsolvable to many.

The firm’s technology delivers “huge potential for changing the way we complete our projects,” he commented. “The combination of an ambitious vision, great team and strong execution abilities quickly led us from being a customer to joining as an investor to take part in their journey.”