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Product Spotlights

DuPont Offers a New Cool Surface for Roofers and Builders


DuPont has introduced its DuPont Tyvek Roof Protector, a new product that gives builders and roofing contractors a cool, gray surface to work on. It also adds to their safety with its wrinkle-free and slip-resistant surface that provides better traction and grip. The product also is designed to protect roof decks from wind and water with its weather barrier.

“Continuous innovation and improvement is at the core of our company,” DuPont Performance Building Solutions North America Market Manager Ryan Gerulski commented. “The upgrades to our DuPont Tyvek Roof Protector product line are just another example of our team taking customer feedback, market needs and making improvements to ensure we have the best products for our customers.”

To learn more, visit https://www.dupont.com/products/tyvek-roof-protector.html.