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RAM Pavement Protects Workers and Clients With OSHA 30 Training


The highest priority for many contractors is employee safety, but extensive training is often essential to make sure those laborers avoid mistakes in their work. RAM Pavement Services Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.-based paved asset management company, says it “goes the extra mile” with training for its workers.

“The leaders at RAM Pavement are often looking for new ways to contribute to the growth and expansion of the company while also providing their team members with skills they can use for their personal growth and empowerment,” the company says, noting that it offers opportunities through OSHA 30 training.

The four-day course, RAM explains, teaches safety practices that help lower the risk of onsite accidents that can lead to damage to property or injuries. “This training is not part of the regular training for RAM Pavement’s superintendents; it’s something they wanted to do above and beyond to ensure their employees are safe,” the company states.

The program teaches them on how to identify potential safety hazards, as well as how to reduce them through arrangement of the worksite, by wearing the proper personal protective equipment and how to properly handle equipment. They also learn how to eliminate hazards in the future and why it is important to report such dangers to managers.

But the employees, RAM notes, are not the only ones who benefit from this training. “Clients can breathe easy knowing that every job RAM Pavement shows up to do will be conducted safely and that the job site will be safe for patrons,” it states. “More and more companies are looking for this type of training.”


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