Why Today’s Front-line Managers Need to be Accomplished Leaders

(UPDATE: This webinar has been temporarily postponed. We will be sharing an update soon.)

Does your operation have the skilled front-line managers in place who can make real-time decisions and act quickly on critical and fundamental matters? If not, your company could be setting itself up for failure.

Empowering front-line managers with the skills to lead is more important than ever, especially when you don’t know what disruptions could be looming. Make no mistake, more disruptions — like COVID-19 — are waiting to happen, and it’s imperative that you have the front-line management in place to deal with them.

In a webinar set for Wednesday, Aug. 5 at 2 p.m., you’ll learn why it’s vital to have front-line managers who know how to lead — during normal times and during crises. And you’ll also learn what it takes to make them solid leaders.

The webinar, “Why Today’s Front-line Managers Need to be Accomplished Leaders,” is sponsored by AEU LEAD, a Mobile, Ala.-based company that provides leadership training for front-line supervisors using a variety of proprietary tools. The webinar will be anchored by Joe White, director of AEU LEAD, and Woody Collins, a project manager at AEU LEAD, who are experts in the field.

White and Collins will elaborate on why and how companies’ executives can enable the transformation of leadership to front-line managers through existing resources.

In his role at AEU LEAD, White focuses on helping members transform operational goals, primarily involving safety, into actionable plans through a structured change management process. Prior to joining AEU in 2016, White was a senior consultant for E.I. DuPont’s consulting division, DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS). He joined DSS in 2011 to develop the next generation of safety practices using extensive research in behavioral sciences he’s compiled over a period of nearly two decades. His efforts resulted in the development of “The Risk Factor,” which is now the flagship instructor-led offering for the consulting division. White is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and has a bachelor of science degree in safety and risk administration.

In his role, Collins works with companies in labor-intensive industries, specializing in providing supervisors, foremen and lead personnel with the people-oriented skills required for success in front-line leadership roles. His career includes more than three decades of experience in the maritime industry, with a focus on safety, training and risk management. In 2011, Collins joined The American Equity Underwriters (AEU), AEU LEAD’s parent company and a leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance to waterfront employers. His experience at AEU as a loss control manager prepared him to eventually help design and launch AEU LEAD.

White and Collins will be joined on the panel by Adrian Leese, a service manager for Breakwater International California, an ISO-certified company that has used AEU LEAD’s services. His daily work evolves heavily around the company’s fire-safety service activities in California. In addition to his duties in the daily operation of the company, which include client relations, marketing, project management and project accounting, Leese is also heavily involved in employee development and hiring of new team members.

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