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Industry Updates

AXA XL Partners With Procore to Help Builders Reduce Risk



If there is anything a contractor would be happy to do, it would be to increase productivity while reducing the project management risks involved. AXA XL’s North America Construction insurance business is partnering with Procore, a provider of construction management software, to do just that.

Through this alliance, Procore has joined the Tech Library of AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem, which is an integrated digital platform that helps clients manage risks. “There are so many new technologies available on the market today, it’s hard for contractors to determine which is best for their operations,” states Gary Kaplan, the president of AXA XL’s North America Construction business.

“In creating our Construction Ecosystem’s Tech Library, we evaluated and tested a broad spectrum of technologies, like Procore, to determine which could have the biggest risk-reducing impact on our clients’ risk management efforts,” he continued. “Procore has tremendous risk-reducing potential.”

Procore’s platform can connect project teams, allowing them to partner across locations and devices. “In today’s construction market, contractors continue to face tighter profit margins, deadlines and labor markets that can make project management more challenging than ever before,” added Justin Gress, the head of strategic operations for AXA XL. “Proven technologies like Procore’s can help our clients keep tighter control on their project management to help keep projects on schedule, avoid costly delays and subsequent losses.”