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Builders Should Take Advantage of Technology During the Pandemic


It has been one thing for builders to restart work during the coronavirus pandemic, but keeping projects on schedule is another challenge entirely. Matt Daly, the CEO and co-founder of StructionSite, a provider of a site documentation platform, recently wrote in Forbes about tech-based solutions that can help.

This includes using technology to reduce the number of people on the job sites. “Typically, limiting people on-site means that work slows and project dates slip,” Daly writes. “However, by taking a strategic approach, you can make some processes more efficient and save time.”

According to Daly, workers can gain remote access to the sites through photos and video. “By using photo and video, your project teams can make rapid assessments,” he writes. “Maybe the current workflow needs to change. With digital documentation serving as a guide, consider shifting your labor, timing or ordering in ways that make the most business sense right now. This allows teams to move forward without delays.”

Contextualized photo documentation, he adds, can help project teams and other institutions guard against loss. “It gives them verified information about the actual site status in real time,” Daly says. “With quality documentation, assets are protected regardless of any delays or damages that might come up.”

He also writes that firms are using smart software to adapt and implement new practices in the field. “Industry guidelines are constantly changing, and by capturing and leveraging data, organizations can see exactly where they need to make adjustments and understand the best ways to roll them out,” Daly says. “The faster teams can adapt, the better positioned they’ll be to keep projects on track.”


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