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LOTT Pivots Its Focus to Adjust to the Pandemic

President and founder Frank Lott (left) is changing the focus of his company, with the help of its new vice president, Joseph B. Sturgis Jr.

Many companies have had to change their operations during the coronavirus pandemic, which has not only included their day-to-day practices, but even the focuses of their business. One such company is LOTT Restaurant Construction, which enjoyed great success as a restaurant construction firm.

But because restaurant construction is waning under COVID-19, President and founder Frank Lott is changing the focus of his business to include hospitality and commercial construction. He also is changing its name to LOTT BUILDS Restaurant + Commercial Construction.

“As a result of the pandemic, the future of restaurant development and construction really isn’t clear, and we need to be able to diversify into other areas of expertise,” Lott said. “Our pivot expands our focus from just restaurants, which we’ve been specializing in building since 1992, into the general construction of just about anything. We’ve built more than 450 restaurants in 15 states, many of which were from the ground up since I launched the company, and from that experience, I’m absolutely certain that we can build anything.”

Lott also has hired Vice President Joseph B. Sturgis Jr., who has nearly three decades of construction experience. “Joe has personally managed more than $1.2 billion of commercial construction,” Lott said. “He has a comprehensive understanding of the finance, development and construction of complex public and private buildings.”

According to Lott, Sturgis will help the company transition into a firm that serves larger hospitality, healthcare and retail clients across the Northeast. LOTT has assembled a broad portfolio of projects for hospitality brands, including multiple Spread Bagelry and Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar locations, Maggiano’s and a 12,015-square-foot Steak 48 location that will soon open in Philadelphia.


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