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StayProtected Aims to Make Hospitality and Commercial Sites ‘Clean and Safe’ from COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has made builders more aware of the threat of contamination on their job sites. But it also has prompted them to add features that prevent the spread of viruses when the project is finished. JAC Construction and its sister company Level 3 Design Group (L3DG) recently announced their new StayProtected program, which aims to make hospitality and commercial sites safer.

Both companies have partnered with Ultraviolet Devices Inc. (UVDI) and Industrial Commercial Systems to bring advanced UV-C Air Disinfection products to the sites. “UVDI’s UV-C Air Disinfection solutions’ proven scientific confirmation of 99% coronavirus inactivation has been demonstrated in independent laboratory testing against harder-to-kill bacterial and virus surrogates and meets the CDC and ASHRAE Airborne Infection Control guidelines,” L3DG says.

In addition, UVDI’s software system uses air system properties to output the custom lamp configuration and intensity required to inactivate coronavirus. “Our mission is to eliminate the virus and restore confidence to industries across the board,” JAC President Alen Cooper said.

“There’s no better way to provide that than through a safely disinfected environment,” Cooper continued. “People need to know there is a tangible solution out there, and we are excited to build out this program, along with its certification.”

StayProtected may fill the needs for air disinfection in high-touch places as lobbies, hotels, restaurants, exercise facilities and other public spaces. “From a hospitality perspective, in order to improve occupancy rates in hotels around the world, guests and staff need to know they are working and staying in a clean and safe space,” L3DG Founder Jim Spitzig added. “If we are going to bring competition back into the marketplace, hotel owners must be able to provide a sense of security. That’s the task for this current climate and for the future.”


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