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Product Spotlights

Apptricity Offers a Long-Range, Secure Solution


Real-time asset management company Apptricity offers its new Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth beacon, which has the ability to transmit data up to 20 miles. According to CEO Tim Garcia, the beacon is a “perfect solution for construction projects.

“Many of our global customers were struggling with the costs of tracking their expensive on-site equipment as well as all of the vehicles coming in and out of their project,” he recalled. “The cost of satellite tags or LTE tags becomes prohibitive, especially with all of the equipment that needs to be tracked.

“One of our first customers, Endeavor, has sites outside of LTE coverage, and couldn’t afford the cost of satellites,” he added. “In fact, our solution was 90% less than their alternatives.”

The beacon also is very configurable for users, with the ability to be manufactured with or without GPS, and multiple battery options to extend its life. In addition, its signal can be tuned for energy savings. To learn more, visit www.apptricity.com.