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CHRYSO Uses its Expertise to Improve the Performance of Green Concrete

(© Solidia)

This week, construction chemicals firm CHRYSO announced its partnership with Solidia Technologies, an inventor of technology for green cement and concrete. Together, the two plan to improve the sustainability performance and material properties of Solida’s ultra-low CO2 concrete.

Solidia’s technologies, which are used for non-reinforced concrete elements, are based on a cement chemistry that can be produced at lower energies and reduces carbon emissions. In addition, it does not hydrate but carbonates by injection of CO2 into fresh concrete. All together, these processes lower the carbon footprint of the concrete by up to 70%, while also reducing water and energy consumption.

For this partnership, CHRYSO will utilize its experience developing admixture solutions that allow the use of alternative binders without hurting performance. Solidia President and CEO Tom Schuler notes that it will incorporate CHRYSO’s water-reducing admixtures, which will lower consumption during the curing process.

One of Solidia’s main goals is to improve cement and concrete production and performance while reducing the environmental impacts. “By cutting energy consumption during the curing process, CHRYSO will help us achieve our ambitions and reach higher levels of performance,” he states.