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KBS Partners With Maptician to Make Office Spaces Safe for Tenants

(Photo credit: Business Wire)

During COVID-19, nearly all environments have had to make changes in order to keep people safe, including offices. KBS, an investor in premier commercial real estate, is taking those steps with the help of Maptician, a workplace management platform, to reconfigure offices.

Already, KBS has implemented the platform at six of its office assets in the Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Pennsylvania areas. “The Maptician Flex software allows us to utilize data and provide solutions for reconfiguring community spaces, fitness centers, coffee stations and other shared amenities throughout our office campuses in order to ensure that we are carefully creating safe and healthy environments for our tenants as they return to their offices,” KBS Regional President of Eastern United States Marc DeLuca said.

“We are initially rolling this platform out in six of our properties; however, we envision this software rolling out nationwide across our $8 billion portfolio of office assets,” he stated. “We currently have new build-outs underway at all six properties for common area spaces that allow for social distancing, contract tracing functionality, capacity-limited seating and de-densification.”

KBS also is utilizing Maptician’s technology for spec suite space at two of its properties. “As we move further into the pandemic, we will likely see an increased need among tenants for more space,” DeLuca predicts. “In the past, tenants may have required 85 to 100 square feet per employee whereas now we may see this number double to 170 to 200 square feet per employee. The spec suites utilizing Maptician software will create an opportunity for tenants to expand to spaces already fit to social distancing and health needs.”


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