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4 Tips on How to Manage a Team and Stay Organized

Tracking hours in the cloud will take away the inconvenience of punching in and will prevent other workers from punching in for friends at work. (iStock/Ridofranz)

Being the manager of any kind of group of people can be a challenge at times. From making sure that your employees are working and getting the job done right, to making sure that all tasks are covered, managing a team can be complex and stressful. When it comes to managing a construction team, many managers find themselves feeling overwhelmed and sometimes disorganized because employees are working on different projects at different times while also in different locations.

If you are a manager of a construction company, and you are finding it hard to stay on top of your tasks and team, this post will detail four ways to help you manage your team while working on different construction projects simultaneously.

Whether you are an owner of a siding company, a custom home building company, or a roofing company, you probably have employees working on various projects in different locations. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, it’s imperative that you are familiar with ways to manage all of your employees to ensure that each project is getting done efficiently and professionally. A roofing company in Medford, N.J., pointed out that staying on top of projects and staying organized is important not only for the manager but also for customer satisfaction. With that being said, here are four tips to help you better manage your construction team.

Delegate Work

This is the first task that a manager should do in order to properly manage different construction sites and projects at the same time. If you have a large team, it will be worth your while to plan your projects and assign certain projects to certain workers. In other words, assign certain construction projects to those that you know are capable of doing that specific project or are experts when it comes to that kind of construction. Delegating work this way will allow you to be proactive when it comes to any issues or questions your team may have that could take up time. It will also free up some time for you so you can get started on other tasks you need to complete. 

“A properly managed team will get jobs done in an exceptional way, which will ultimately result in more business for your company.”

Delegating work is a great way to ensure that all tasks are completed in an organized and systematic way. Be sure to write down your delegations and share these notes with your team.

Overlay Your Project Plans

The best way to overlay your project plans is with project management software. Project management software will allow you to plan in an organized way and will grant you easy access to tasks you need to complete. This kind of project planning is especially important for construction projects as they have very strict deadlines. Project planning software will also:

  • Check when projects are to be completed by.
  • Plan what employees will be working on what projects weeks in advance.
  • Share your project plans easily with other team members.
  • Add milestones to calendars.
  • Easily make sure you and your team are on schedule.

Manage and Communicate Expectations Clearly

All managers should make it a point to be clear with what their expectations are. Clear expectations will help both you and your team complete jobs in an efficient manner. Team members will not be wondering what you want or are asking of them, allowing them to do the right thing the first time around. Similarly, clear communication will allow you to establish a positive relationship with your construction team.

When you make it a point to communicate expectations clearly, you could potentially be saving yourself time and stress in the long run as the likelihood of mistakes occurring will be significantly lower.  

Track Employee Hours in the Cloud

This is an outstanding way for you to make sure your employees are doing the work they should on various construction sites as well as manage their PTO and sick days. Instead of tracking employee hours on a standards spreadsheet or with a punch card, take advantage of modern technology and track employee hours in the cloud. 

Tracking hours in the cloud will also take away the inconvenience of punching in and will prevent other workers from punching in for friends at work. As a manager, you will clearly see the hours worked by your employees at various construction sites. Some key features to look for in a time tracking software are:

  • Cloud-based time tracking
  • Project tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Integrations

Manage Multiple Construction Projects Successfully 

Managing multiple projects on various construction sites doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with the right effort, it can be extremely easy and can make your overall workday easier and more organized. It’s important that you do all that you can to ensure that your construction team is properly managed. A properly managed team will get jobs done in an exceptional way, which will ultimately result in more business for your company. Keep these tips in mind if you are a construction project manager and seeking ways to create a more efficient team even with your employees in various locations.

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.