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SEO Strategies Can Help Construction Professionals Reach More Customers


Living in the digital age, the internet is used for just about everything. With this considered, it is important to create a strong online presence for your business. When people in your area are searching for construction companies, you want to be at or near the top of the first search results page to bring more attention to your website. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, can help you achieve this goal.

SEO is used to help potential clients find your business online. People may want to research your recent construction projects, how you operate and general information about your business. Having a website that is optimized for these specific searches will attract more traffic to your construction website. Below are four SEO tips for construction professionals:

1. Choose the Right Keywords — Every successful SEO campaign begins with understanding the right target keywords to use when creating website content. Keywords are words and phrases that are intentionally integrated into the content on a website because they coincide with the words and phrases that people are using when searching for companies like yours. You should be using keywords that are relevant to what you do and that align with your target audiences’ needs. Put yourself in your customer’s position and imagine what phrases they might search for when looking for a local construction business. It is important to work these words into headlines and the supporting body text.

2. Create Custom Content — After you have researched and collected target keywords that will attract potential clients, you can start creating custom content that addresses these terms. It is important to always be creating new, helpful content to keep your website relevant. Fresh content sends a signal to Google that your business is active and an authority in your area of expertise.

“Employing a local SEO strategy can bring more local traffic to your website and provide more opportunities to connect with customers who are most likely to work with your construction company.”  

When creating content for your site, keep a few things in mind. When it comes to content marketing, it’s best to keep things simple. Readers often gravitate towards web pages that are easy to digest. This content should also speak directly to the reader, as if it were written especially for them (think second person). Lastly, it is smart to have a call to action featured in your content. This will encourage your readers to take the next step and contact you about your business.

3. Creating Smart Metadata — Metadata is digital data that describes the content on your web pages. For SEO, metadata refers to title tags, meta descriptions and schema markup. It’s important for search engines to have descriptive, keyword-infused meta descriptions and title tags that adequately summarizes each page on your website.

As for schema markup, it is a great tool that will help your website get higher search rankings for content. This is special code meant to be used on your website to help search engines return more information about its content for their users. Schema markup makes your content easier for search engines to understand and share with people searching for similar businesses.

4. Local SEOLocal SEO helps to target customers who are searching for products, services or information within a specific geographic region. It serves to reduce competition that comes with search visibility on a national basis by focusing only on the specific geographic markets your business serves.

Most construction companies serve local markets, including regional and national companies that serve multiple local markets. Adding specific location keywords (states, regions, cities, etc.) in your page titles, headings and content is an easy way to integrate local SEO into your website. Employing a local SEO strategy can bring more local traffic to your website and provide more opportunities to connect with customers who are most likely to work with your construction company.  

Benefits of SEO for Your Business

1. Higher Organic Rankings — One of the benefits that comes from SEO is that it boosts your organic rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) for phrases and keywords related to your business. Organic search results means results that are not paid ads. They are perceived by most searchers as more credible than ads. Strong organic rankings are extremely helpful when it comes to getting potential clients to visit your website.

2. Increased Awareness — If your website appears in the first few spots on a search results page, it will give people a better chance to learn about your company and what it has to offer. This can lead to customers taking the next step by contacting you for additional information.

3. Competitive Advantage — Implementing SEO can be a real game changer for any construction business. This is a digital strategy that can make a business of any size, highly competitive. Instead of relying on conventional marketing strategies, SEO will allow your business to keep up with the competition.

Peyton Kelly is a content writer at Beson4 in Jacksonville, Fla. Beson4 is a 22-year-old full-service digital marketing firm specializing in brand development, website design, SEO, PPC, social media, video production and more.  


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