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Specialty Contractors Streamline Their Workflows With the Help of Autodesk



The goals to increase collaboration, lower risk and reduce rework are universally held throughout the construction industry. And that may be why more than 4,000 specialty contractors have turned to Autodesk Inc. for its Autodesk Construction Cloud technology for their projects. According to the company, the technology also allows its clients to streamline workflows, guarantee quality and earn more work.

“Specialty contractors have shown incredible resiliency in the last year, tackling difficult economic and safety challenges as well as a skyrocketing level of complexity in project work,” Autodesk Construction Solutions Vice President and General Manager Jim Lynch said. “We remain committed to delivering technology that strengthens and evolves with the industry, enabling trade partners to continue to overcome any obstacles they may face. With a breadth of connected solutions, real-time data and powerful automation, Autodesk Construction Cloud is helping specialty contractors improve collaboration, increase efficiency and future-proof their businesses.”

“Our whole team works from the most up-to-date information — keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring things are built right the first time.”

These businesses include MAREK, a Houston-based specialty contractor with seven regional offices across the southern United States. The firm is known for services such as metal framing, ceiling work and drywall, and uses Autodesk’s PlanGrid on all of its projects to sync up its teams in the office and in the field and give them cross-functional access to real-time data.

“Using the most advanced technology puts us at a massive advantage across all our projects,” MAREK Director of Construction Operations Marcus Bollom said. “Autodesk Construction Cloud helps contribute to our advantage by enabling better data sharing and streamlining communication and collaboration. Our whole team works from the most up-to-date information — keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring things are built right the first time.”

Veit & Co. — a specialty contractor focused on earthwork, utilities, demolition, foundations, and dredging and diving — also has standardized on PlanGrid to boost collaboration and establish a single source of truth for its construction documents. “We pride ourselves on being able to take on projects that no one else can — the more abstract, the better,” Veit Director of Construction Technologies Britton Lawson said.

“Part of the reason we’re able to do so is because we have such a strong investment in implementing a holistic approach through technology,” he continued. “Standardizing on PlanGrid allows everyone to see the same critical job information all in one place — no matter what the project or team. As a result, our team spends less time learning technologies or job structures and more time on what matters.”