Forward Thinking and Resilience Help Ozinga Weather Challenges

Ozinga is one of the nation’s largest family-owned and oldest construction materials companies. Is it better to take a risk and try tojump-start a trend, or to cautiously follow the lead of others? While many ofus at this moment feel like we’re merely reacting to trends outside ourcontrol, there are certainly times when it makes […]

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civil Exclusive Features

Surface Tech

Here are three ways JUNO XP can solve aggregate problems.  As we all know, concrete starts off life as a pile of aggregate floating in a soup of cement and water. Problems with the mix often lie with the aggregates. JUNO XP was developed by Surface Tech as an alternative supplementary cementitious material (ASCM) that […]

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Industry Updates

Construction Forms Inc.

Con Forms delivers performance, profitability and safety for customers around the world.  The construction industry constantly demands quality, performance, reliability and on-time product delivery. The opportunities within the industry are global, constantly evolving, technically challenging and fraught with safety issues from so many angles. Understanding all these variables is critical to the success of every […]

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